Unfortunately the manufacturer (that holds the patents) in the US appears to have closed down unexpectedly without any notice and as a result we are unable to source any stock at this time (bags or vacuums).

At this stage we are unsure if the product will be available in the future. We will announce any updates here if the situation changes.

We apologise to all of our loyal customers for the inconvenience but unfortunately it is out of our hands.

our vacuum pooper scooper picks up dog waste the easy way

the cordless Pooch Power Shovel vacuums
dog waste straight into a disposable bag

Apologies, we are currently out of stock.

Easy to use

A new breed of pooper scooper, the Pooch Power Shovel uses its powerful vacuum to pickup dog poop straight into a degradable bag - you just position the inlet next to the dog poop and press the trigger. The days of scraping and smearing are over.

And it's lightweight too...

The entire unit weighs in at just 2kg making it easy to use for just about anyone!


When you're done you simply flick the unit open, remove the degradable bag full of dog poop and throw it away. Each bag can hold up to 1.3kg of waste, which is a lot of dog business.

Works on almost any surface...

Including paved surfaces, crushed rock paths, garden beds with mulch - no matter where your dog has left you a surprise the Pooch Power Shovel has it covered.

vacuum pooper scooper